About the Video47 Project

When I arrived a Pomona College in 2007 I was given the responsibility of managing a commercial big dollar video on demand system as part of my duties. That video on demand system shall remain nameless. However, what can be said about it is that I was perhaps one of the worst pieces of software that I had ever used. Almost everything about it was wrong. That software encounter got me thinking. Was there a better way of doing things? Yes, the answer was to build Video47.

During the Spring of 2009 Video47 made its debut and about 35 courses used it to provide video playlists within Sakai. Now it is 2020 and Video47 has been in use for more than a decade. Each semester it provides playlists for about 30% of Pomona’s courses. Also, Video47 provides a repository that contains about four thousand titles. Video47 Specifications & Features:

One of our sister schools, Pitzer College, also runs an installation of Video47. If you would like to run Video47 I can not offer much support but would be happy to provide you with the code providing it is being used in higher education. The core application is free. However, the Wowza Media Server is commercial software and therefore a license must be obtained. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.